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Melbourne Beach Wedding Venues

The soothing sound of the rolling wave hitting the shore, singing seagulls, and the breeze wafting through you- the charms of beach wedding venues will make them fairy-tale wedding settings. As a coastal city of Victoria, Melbourne has no shortage of beaches. The city has resorts, estates, restaurants, and whatnot that offer Melbourne beach wedding venues with different styles of decoration and service. With years of experience in taking care of different-scale-weddings, the beach wedding venues in Melbourne know how to craft beautiful wedding memories.

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It takes a lot of time and energy to choose the right beach wedding venues in Melbourne. The options are countless. Therefore, we have selected some for you. The Melbourne beach wedding venues commit to making your day memorable. Our wedding concierge will be happy to assist you in case you need any help. While choosing the wedding location, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the venue rate within my budget?

Try to stick to your budget. If you want to splurge a bit, try to consider other needs. Is there any spare wedding budget? Venue contributes to the vibes of your wedding, so it might be worth the extra money.

  • How many guests will I invite?

Find a venue of which capacity can accommodate all your guests. It is necessary to consider the parking area too- if it is spacious enough for your guests.

  • Is the venue easily accessible?

If you have time, you can inspect the venue first and see if your guests and suppliers can find the place easily.

  • How if I want to cancel the venue?

You might ask the venue staff about the cancellation policy before you book your wedding venue and see if it is fair enough for you. 

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