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Garden Wedding Venues in Melbourne

The best thing about Melbourne garden wedding venues is that they can match different styles of wedding decoration. Boho, rustic, or classic- all the decoration will work with the colour of the grass. Some gardens are blessed with views: beach, forests, mountain ranges and more. Ceremonies and celebrations at garden wedding venues in Melbourne will be enclosed with laid-back and warm vibes. If you are thinking of having a scenic garden or thematic garden weddings, Melbourne has no shortage of venues.

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Countless Melbourne garden wedding venues are available across the region. You might be trapped amid them. Therefore, we select some for you. The options come with different rates and inclusions to accommodate different needs and budgets. We note some points that might be guidance for you in choosing garden wedding venues in Melbourne:

  • Stick to the budget

Whether you want to splurge on the venue or not, you need to allocate the minimum and maximum budget for your wedding location. The venue will determine the vibes of the event. Therefore, couples spend a bit more on this.

  • Find a strategic wedding location

Your guests should not go around the same road four times only to find your wedding venue. If you can find an easy access location, it will be perfect. A strategic location will ease the vendor in dropping your needs as well.

  • Consider the size of the gardens

How many people will you invite? Can your venue accommodate all the guests? And if you want to have some wedding entertainments, is the venue big enough?

  • Ask the cancellation policies

In case something goes wrong, you already know the cancellation fee of the venue.

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