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Large Wedding Venues in Melbourne

If sharing the joys to your big circle of friends and families is what you are looking for on your wedding day, you will need large wedding venues in Melbourne. From elegant five-star hotels with ample ballroom to a spacious garden, this city has a myriad of charming places for you. Find your Melbourne large wedding venue that will work with a long list of invitations.  We have selected some for you. These venues have years of experiences in taking care of big weddings.

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Having a long list of families, friends, business partners, and whatnot that you want to invite to your wedding can be challenging. It means you need time to search for venues with ample spaces and extra preparation. If it starts to make you overwhelmed, you can learn our guides in having a large wedding 

  • Find your large wedding venues

Australia has no shortage of large wedding venues. Choose a Melbourne large wedding venue of which rate is within your budget with the right capacity. Whether it is an open-space or ballrooms, it will depend on your taste.

  • Choose an all-inclusive package

This will ease your preparation stage. All-inclusive packages consist of venues, photographers, meals, and whatnot. It saves you time to search for suppliers who know how to handle large weddings.  

  • Hire an event organizer

Commonly, all-inclusive packages will include a wedding coordinator who will assist you with all details in relation to the venues. If you need extra help with the before- and after the event, all other details, an event organizer will assist you with it. 

  • Search for accommodation near your wedding venues

If you have flying-in guests, you should consider finding a venue at or near accommodations. So, they can attend your wedding until late without being afraid of chasing public transportation or being sleepy while driving.

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