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Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Melbourne is wealthy with natural landmarks that create beautiful blends with this city's long history. Historic buildings with stunning views dot the country. The capitals are also a home for creativity. Unusual venues interiors are easily spotted in the cities. All these magnets have attracted wedding couples to exchange their vows. These Melbourne unique wedding venues are magnificent settings for the special day.

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Melbourne Unique wedding venues dot every part of the city. From vintage buildings to stunning eucalyptus forests, Melbourne has so much to offer to the brides- and grooms-to-be. The tons of choices on wedding venues might overwhelm you, so we have selected some for you and compile these insider tips in choosing the venues:

  • Stick to your budget

Discuss with your partner about the budget allocation of wedding venues and stick to it. Some couples allocate 30-40% of the total budget for the unique wedding venues in Melbourne. How about you?

  • Choose your wedding style

Winery, beach, rustic or historic weddings? Choose one that matches up to your dream wedding and personal taste.

  •  Location

The strategic wedding venue will be ideal. So, your guests should not walk far to your wedding location. If your dream wedding venue is not on the big roadside, you might need clear direction signage

  • Capacity

How many people can be accommodated in the space? Is it big enough for your invitation list? If you only have 50 people on the list, a small space will be perfect, so that your wedding will be more intimate.

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