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Affordable Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Do others’ wedding expenses scare you? If you think you have a lower budget for your day but still want to keep the meaning, try to squeeze the rate of that takes the biggest portion of the expenses, wedding venue. There are options of affordable wedding venues in Melbourne with different styles. Budget-friendly does not mean poor quality of buildings with massive cracked walls, but the venues are managed by community or blank canvas venues that you can transform. Melbourne affordable wedding venues are choices to cut down your wedding budget.

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On top of choosing  Melbourne affordable wedding venues, you can have different ways to cut down your wedding budget.

  • Plan your wedding during winter

Most couples arrange Australian weddings during Spring or Autumn. Those seasons have the friendliest temperature during the year. While, winter would be considered too cold and the venue rates will be more affordable compared to that of in Spring and Autumn. 

  • Book a wedding package

Wedding package will simplify all the planning process. First, it saves you time to research suppliers. Second, it cut down your budget. Most Melbourne wedding packages will be cheaper compared to booking all the details separately.

  • Minimize the size of guest list

The longer the list is, the more you spend. Invite your closest family and friends to your wedding. If it is possible, keep the number of the invitation the same as the number of guests included in the wedding venues packages.

  • Pick a wedding venue close to your home

This will cut the transportation budget from your house to the wedding venues. Destination weddings that involve travel will be more expensive.

  • Skip Saturday

Saturday is the favourite day to get married. Therefore, most wedding venues in Melbourne will charge more on Saturday.

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