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Sunshine Coast Wedding Venues

The sunny region is the hybrid of urban and rural areas, so are the wedding locations. Sunshine Coast wedding venues offer the marriage between urban and rural charms, modernity with a touch of countryside earthiness. Less busy than Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast has the best wedding venues for beach weddings with peaceful surroundings.

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Insider Tips for Weddings in Sunshine Coast

Rivers, beaches, hinterlands, mountain ranges- Sunshine Coast is surrounded by stunning natural landmarks, perfect backdrops for your wedding. We compile some tips for you to help plan your fairy-tale weddings in Sunshine Coast.

When will be the perfect time to get married in Sunshine Coast?

Autumn and Springs seem to have the favourite temperature to have weddings. Book your wedding venues far in advance if you are thinking to have your day in those seasons. If you prefer to be more flexible, you can arrange your day in winter. Winter gives you more flexibility in choosing wedding venues in Sunshine Coast. Summer tends to rain and be humid. 

What venues are available in Sunshine Coast?

  • Scenic garden: the region is enclosed with beautiful natural landmarks. Most of the garden weddings in Sunshine Coast are beautified by the views of lakes, beaches, or hinterland.
  • Beaches: the sunny Sunshine Coast is blessed with pristine beaches- white sands and turquoise ocean- ideal beach weddings setting.
  • Function rooms with unique interiors will make picture-perfect weddings. Bluestones or timber wall highlight the countryside atmosphere.
  • Contemporary hotels and resorts are for you who prefer more modern settings of Sunshine Coast weddings.

What can I do in Sunshine Coast to entertain my family and friends who come from other states?

  • You might need a laid-back day after your wedding in Sunshine Coast, strolling around the beach or have a beach picnic will be fun and relaxing
  • If your family is a sporty one, you can take them to the national park and walk on the trek. The beautiful nature of the region will amaze you.
  • There are restaurants and cafes along the beach. You can have some delectable lunches or dinner with an ocean view.

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