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Queensland (QLD) Wedding Venues

Known as a “Sunshine State”, Queensland is one of the wedding and honeymoon destinations in Australia. The mountainous rainforests, beaches, tablelands, and tropical islands attract couples to choose Queensland as a setting of their romantic story. Tying the knot on a sunny day with a valley or pristine beach as your backdrop, does it sound fanciful to you? Queensland wedding venues will impress you with its tropical beauty. The state is blessed with the best wedding venues for those who are seeking bright sunny days.

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Insider Tips for Weddings in Queensland

If you are searching for a beachfront wedding, you will find countless choices in Queensland. The weather in Queensland complements the beautiful nature well. While you are preparing your weddings, try to know more about the state before you decide your date and wedding venues in Queensland. We compile some tips and information about getting married in Queensland in the insider tips. 

When will be the perfect time to get married in Queensland?

The peak season of weddings in Queensland is in Autumn and Spring. The summer is humid, and the rainfall is mostly high during the season. A winter wedding will give you more flexibility in choosing the Queensland wedding venues. 

Where are the best places to get married and Why?

  • Brisbane: The capital of Queensland is dotted with historic buildings, lush and scenic parks, and sophisticated hotels, resorts, and restaurants. If you are thinking of historic or modern weddings in Queensland, Brisbane has various options that match those styles.
  • Cairns and Port Douglas: The regions offer mostly modern beachfront wedding venues. These are where you seek for fairy-tale beach wedding venues in Queensland.
  • Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville: You will find a mixture of modern and country-side wedding venues in the regions.
  • Whitsundays: The island is a home for luxury beachfront hotels and resorts. The tranquility boosts the romantic vibes of the island. Whitsundays is where couples seek luxury beach weddings in Queensland.

What can I do in Queensland to entertain my family and friends who come from other states?

  • Enjoying snorkelling or diving among the wreck sites, Great Barrier Reef ecosystem. You will be awed by beautiful coral reefs and colourful fish in the ocean.
  • Walking along the National Park trek to adore the hinterland, beaches, and rainforest.
  • If your family and friends are tired after your wedding in Queensland, you can take them to some spa.

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