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Gold Coast Wedding Venues

Gold Coast has its lifestyle and vibes. Known for its surfing beach, soaring buildings, nightlife and subtropical climate, Gold Coast is one of the tourist destinations in Queensland. It comprises rural districts, suburbs, and towns. Although the city centre is lively and busy, there are parts of the Gold Coast that are enclosed by the countryside serenity. When it comes to wedding venues, the region has an extensive selection of settings and vibes, from the sophisticated by-the-beach hotels in the city to the farm in the rural areas. Gold Coast wedding venues offer myriad charms to cater to different tastes. Find your best wedding venues in this vibrant region.

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Insider Tips for Weddings in Gold Coast

Gold Coast has thousands of options that can make you both excited or overwhelmed. Before you decide the time and venue for your day, learning some tips might help you.

When will be the perfect time to get married in Gold Coast?

Autumn and Springs are the peak seasons on the Gold Coast. It might be challenging to find wedding venues in Gold Coast during the seasons, while winter might give you more flexibility in opting the wedding location. Summer tends to have high rainfall and humidity. You might need back-up wedding venues in summer.

What venues are available on the Gold Coast?

  • Beaches: Walking down the aisle while the grainy sands tickling your bare feet and the singing seagulls around you-let your dream beach wedding unrolls in the city.
  • Countryside estates: Most of the estates offer serenity surrounded by rural settings. It is ideal for those who are planning rustic weddings.
  • Beachfront function rooms: Ocean view is always impressive. It creates a laid-back atmosphere in the rooms. This style of venue is ideal for your winter wedding in Gold Coast.
  • Gardens: A landscaped garden venue never fails. The vibrant colour of the greenies radiates a soothing charm to its surrounding.

What can I do in Gold Coast to entertain my family and friends who come from other states?

  • Gold Coast is known for its beaches. You can take your family to soak under the sun and enjoy the relaxing day
  • Want to have fun with your family? Take them to the amusement and theme parks. Gold Coast has several amusement parks to explore
  • If you and your family are tired after your wedding, why don’t you take them to have some spa treatments in the city?

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