You are already planning to go to Bali then scrolling through pictures on Instagram and trying to make itinerary. You find Nusa Penida and wonder “in which part of Bali is this?” or “how beautiful! How can I get there?”. Nusa Penida is indeed in Bali, in the eastern side specifically. It is not located in the mainland where famous destinations like Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud placed but in the other land. There are Nusa island trios actually, but Nusa Penida is one catch you can’t miss. 

Since located not in the mainland, Nusa Penida is not as crowded as the famous part of Bali. Here, you can enjoy the pristine beach with laid back atmosphere. So now you are tempted to put Nusa Penida in your itinerary already? Below we pick some famous destinations that you should not miss if you go to Nusa Penida. 

Kelingking Beach

You may have seen pictures of this beach a lot on Instagram. No wonder, it is one of the most favourite destinations in Nusa Penida, named Kelingking Beach. In local language, Kelingking means pinkie finger. It is believed the name was given because the shape of the land is like a pinkie finger reaching out. However, many claims that the shape of the island is more like T-rex. Which one do you agree? 

Some points you may acknowledge before visiting this place is about the safety. While walking along in this area, you have to be very careful since you depend on bamboo railing. Then, Kelingking beach (the actual beach) is actually below the viewpoint where the famous pictures taken. You have to walk down, the trek is quite steep. So if you don’t think you are able to do it, then just enjoy the view from above. 

Raja Lima or Thousand Islands Viewpoint

This tree house is very famous among tourists and travelers. It is located around Atuh beach, another famous spot in Nusa Penida. You may recognize it as Raja Lima or Thousand Islands viewpoint since from this tree house you can see limitless view of Nusa Penida. Some tips you have to note if you want to visit this are prepare your energy and stamina to trek around 5 km long. The climb might be up and down, so be ready. 

Thee famous tree house, Rumah Pohon Mollenteng is actually available for rent but you have to book so much earlier. If you don’t plan to stay, then just enjoy sunrise or sunset here since it is both the best can offer. 

Angel’s Billabong

If trekking or hiking is not your plan then go to other famous destinations like Angel’s Billabong. To get here, you can go by motorcycle or car since the road is bumpy, rough and rocky that might get you dizzy or sick. What’s so good in Angel’s Billabong? It offers the natural infinity pool with crystal clear water. It has many picturesque spots for you to explore. 

The best advice we can give is to visit this place when it is low tide. The high tide is quite dangerous for some. When the visit time is right, you can snorkel here, see manta rays or simply take great pictures. Also, beware of sharp rocks and do not get too close to the edges if you don’t want to get injured.  

Broken Beach

Around 10 minutes walk from Angel’s Billabong, you can find this beach. It is actually not fully a beach since there is no real beach here. What you will find is an archway with eroded hole. The erosion caused by the wave is believed to be the origin of its name, Broken Beach. 

Then, on the other side of Broken BEach, you can find Manta Bay Viewpoint. Not only taking pictures, here you can snorkel and if lucky, meet manta rays. You can meet them both by snorkeling or being the water or just from the cliff. Both offer great views. 

Car Temple

Do you ever think about visiting temple with car in your Bali day? Let us bring you to Car Temple or Pura Paluang. It is located in Karang Dawa, western area in Nusa Penida. The temple is actually located above the steep cliff and guarded by hundreds monkeys.. Here you can find old ‘VW Beetle’ and ‘Jimmy’ as the Pelinggih in this temple. Pelinggih is the place of worship. It is actually not a real car but the resemblance of it. With its unique shape, the temple is still considered sacred. You have to wear sarong to enter this temple. There is also temple ceremony held every 6 months.  

To have yourself here, you have to take 40 minutes by motorcycle from the port. However it is worth the ride since where else in the world you can find car temple? No one actually knows  when the temple is built but it is believed that before this nowadays shape and structure, the car temple was once built from wood. But since it is not durable and need repeated renovation then it is changed to stones when rebuilt. 

Here are some tips if you want to visit Nusa Penida : 

1.Buy boat ticket from Sanur to Nusa Penida, return tickets are preferable if you don’t plan to stay in Nusa Penida

2.Rent car with driver if this is your first time visiting Nusa Penida. You can find it easily once your boat reach the port. Try to bargain at your desirable price. You can also rent motorcycle.

3.Prepare yourself best. So many destinations in Nusa Penida require trekking or climbing. If that includes in your trip, then you have to prepare yourself best in and out, self to equipment. 


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