Hair & MakeUp Trials

Hair & makeup trials  are two major things that make your look for the big day. Wedding is a celebration and you would like to look your best. The same goes for the bridesmaid and guests.

Most brides now a days invest in having their hair and makeup trials done before the big day.

It’s important to know how your look for the day and see if the hairstyles that you picked from the magazine suits you. Also makes it more easy to try a few styles and pick the best one when you are not under immediate wedding stress. Stylists also stress on the importance of conducting trials in order to avoid any surprises.

Now let’s talk about makeup! Nothing can replace a professional makeup, a very crucial part of your entire look. To ensure your makeup looks perfect you can start doing a few things leading up to the big day.

  1. Why should i go for the trial?

No surprises means a perfect stress free weddings!  Most of the stylist would recommend trials before the big day. It may be costly to pay for makeup and hairstyle trials but it’s worth it.  Make use of it, as it’s also a good way to know whether your stylist can give you the look that you dreamed of. Trials also allow you to bond with your stylist and it would be good to have a familiar face on your wedding day when you are nervous getting ready.

  1. What is best time to do trial?

Book a hair & makeup trials date at least 8 weeks prior to the wedding. You would have shopped all the accessories by then and also your dress would have been ready for the big day.  Also make time for your stylist to give you a trial – a busy stylist means a good stylist.

  1.  Trial day – what do you take with you?

Take pictures of styles that you like. Short list the two styles that you like the most. Your stylist would recommend you anything else that may suit your face and the wedding dress. Take photos of yourself after the hair style is done, so that you show it to family or close friends to get an opinion of the look.

  1. Don’t compromise – communicate!

Sometimes the style you have been dreaming of doesn’t suit you and if you think it doesn’t look good on you, talk to your stylist. It may need some customizing to suit your face. Key point is communication so your stylist knows what you think of the style and any other concerns. Remember this is trials, so get answers to all your if’s and but’s. Its very important that you like the style and look.

5  Your hair for the day

If you need more pins to hold your hair style for a long time tell your stylist. You know your schedule and comfort level so just let the stylist be prepared for the day. Also tell your stylist if you have any allergies to hair sprays or gels before hand. Tell them how long you want the style to look good on that day.

6  It’s the trial day!

Always wash your hair clean and dry before the day. Dry hair ensures that curls hold longer and having to dry hair prior to getting started on your style will limit how much time your stylist has to work on the specific style you are after.

If your stylist is doing makeup trial too, then make sure your face is  washed and moisturised and free of any makeup. Take with you your preferred makeup products if you already have them. Like the basic foundations and concealers that matches your skin. Stress on hygiene if your stylist is using her makeup products.

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