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Perth Wedding Venues

Perth is an urban area cocooned by beautiful nature. Rivers, lush parks, beaches are good complements of the sun. Every day at Perth is best enjoyed outdoors. Outdoors and al-fresco venues dot the city, so do modern hotels and resorts. When it comes to wedding venues, Perth offers various styles of locations. The diversity of Perth wedding venues gives you flexibility on choosing one that matches your taste.

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Insider Tips for Weddings in Perth

Planning a wedding is exciting, yet it can be overwhelming. Here are some insider tips from us before you go further with the planning. We compiled some basic information about weddings, from the seasons to the styles of wedding venues in Perth. So, you can find your perfect season and best wedding venues

When will be the perfect time to get married in Perth?

Most couples choose to tie the knot during autumn because of the beautiful climate. But every season has its magnet: springs with its green and fresh foliage, autumn with its nice temperature and warm colour, winter with its flexibility in opting the venues, and summer with its sun.

What venues are available in Perth?

  • Contemporary hotels and resorts: If you are looking for sophisticated touch on your Perth wedding venues, there are tons of choices in this city.
  • Beaches: the beaches line the city, giving many spaces to have outdoor weddings. Al-fresco wedding venues are also easy to find along the beach
  • Retreats and estates with a vast outdoor area overlooking the stunning view of the rivers, beaches, wineries or shade trees.

What can I do in Perth to entertain my family and friends who come from other states?

  • Having a picnic at Kings Park: The park overlooks the swan rivers and city skylines.
  • Wandering around Fremantle historic city: Some historical building remnants and architecture in Fremantle will amaze you.
  • Soaking under the sun at the beaches lining up the city: The city is blessed with a warm climate. You can spend a day relaxing on the beach after your wedding in Perth.

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