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Garden Wedding Venues in Sydney

Sydney has no shortage of beautiful gardens. Some gardens are blessed with the views of natural landmarks, and some are sought for ample space and relaxing ambience. The vibrant colour of grass makes gardens perfect for a different style of weddings: boho, rustic, classic. You will always have a choice of Sydney garden wedding venues. Whether you want a scenic garden or an ample garden, close or far from home, garden wedding venues in Sydney are beautiful settings for your day.

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The innumerable choices of Sydney garden wedding venues might trap you and confuse you. We limit those options by listing some for you. They have years of experience in taking care of the wedding. Offering different rates and inclusions, the garden wedding venues in Sydney fits different needs and budgets. While you are working with your venue selection, try to have a minute to read our tips below.

  • Consider the budget 

Whether you want to splurge or not on the venue, discuss it with your partner. The venue will contribute to the vibe of your event. If you can set a range of minimum and maximum spend for the place, it will give you a bit of flexibility.

  • Find a strategic wedding location

If you have time to inspect your venue, try to see if the access is easy for suppliers and your guests. So, they will not need to be late for your event because they are lost.

  • Consider the minimum and maximum capacity of the Sydney garden wedding venues

Revisit your invitation list and see if the number of guests can be accommodated at the wedding venues. Parking space can be put into your consideration too.

  • Ask the cancellation policies

In case something makes you re-schedule or cancel your event, you already know the fee that you should pay or the policy of the venue. Is the cancellation policy fair enough for you?

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