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Western Australia Wedding Venues

As the largest state in the country, Western Australia is diverse. Most of the area is covered by arid outback, but the rest is so vibrant. The capital, Perth, comprises historical buildings, beaches, food and drinks, while the rural area and the islands are full of wildlife. This diversity is also reflected in the Western Australia wedding venues. Find your best wedding venues in Western Australia among the countless options of beautiful locations in the region.

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Insider Tips for Weddings in Western Australia

Planning a wedding is challenging yet exciting. You will discover new things on the process, from how the things work on the legal side to dealing with your organizers. We compile some tips about weddings in Western Australia, so you can have some essential points to consider before you plan your day further.

When will be the perfect time to get married in Western Australia?

Autumn is the most popular season for having a wedding in the region. It means that autumn will give less flexibility for you in choosing wedding venues. Generally, Western Australia has different kinds of locations for each season.

Where are the best places to get married and Why?

  • Perth: Modern hotels and resorts dot the capital city of Western Australia. You can also find beachfront indoor or al-fresco wedding venues. If you are looking for sophistication in your wedding venues, Perth offers you tons of choices.
  • Broome: Broome will match those who love serenity. There are hotels, resorts, and the locations that offer the seclusion of the region. Broome is a home for peaceful Western Australia wedding venues.
  • Margaret River: Margaret River and its surroundings are the lush part of Western Australia. Wineries, waterfront estates, gardens, disparate styles of outdoor venues are no rare in Margaret River. If you are searching for earthy locations for your weddings in Western Australia, try to head to Margaret River to see the options. 

What can I do in Western Australia to entertain my family and friends who come from other states?

  • You can have some intimate moments with them while sipping the delectable wine around Margaret River.
  • Perth has a lot of picture-perfect locations from Grand Lane with its mural to Kings Park with the skyline view. If you are hungry, there are many restaurants in the city. Enjoying the city is the simplest option.
  • If your family and friends stay long enough , you can have a trip to Rottnest Island to visit quokka habitat.

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