Are you worried about the cost of booking a venue, or the cost of organizing an expensive and glamorous wedding? Then a backyard wedding is apparently the way to go because it gives you an opportunity to customize the entire wedding while being able to make reasonable use of your resources. The first step to having a memorable backyard wedding is:



During the planning stage, certain factors will be given consideration, such as the couple’s budget, guest list, available time, the space and layout of the backyard. Other important factors are the nature of the reception, and is the ceremony and reception going to be hosted at the backyard?

Consultations with a wedding planner, rental and catering company (if you are going to engage them) will give you options about what choices to make. The wedding planner is to organize and coordinate the entire event. The rental company will help set up the tables, chairs, dance floor, open bar, and the outdoor photo booth. The caterer will give guidance on different wedding cuisines that will fit into your selected theme and vision.

Their decision-making will be dependent on the factors stated earlier on. It won’t be out of place if you can get friends who are skilled in this area to help with planning in order to lower your cost.


Transform your backyard to assume that magical look, with a breath-taking floral design. It is often the best practice to stick with the natural scenery of the backyard garden. Decorate the backyard for the wedding using buntings while brightening the whole place with carefully selected means of lighting like tea light candles, vortices, paper lanterns, etc. Taking advantage of the scenery and landscape a befitting ceremony altar can be set up and decorated to blend in with the environment.

Wedding decoration items should be on fences, tables, trees and shrubs, adding a romantic shade to the atmosphere when it gets dark. The centerpiece should be made to resonate with the theme of the wedding by using the right sets of flowers. Having tents in place can serve as a shelter during severe weather. The number and size of tents should be consistent with the numeracy of the guest. The use of appropriate signs serves as a guide to guest and also adds to the beauty of the backyard.


The desired theme chosen by the couples will affect the aesthetics of the wedding in a significant way. It influences the choice of flowers, chairs, linens, and even gifts that would be handed out to guests. They can choose any of natural, rustic, vintage, whimsical, or floral themes.


Customizing the food and drinks to reflect the couple’s taste and personalities is a great way to start. At its simplest form, having a family style sit down meal won’t be out of place. Less stressful arrangements may include having barbecues, buffet and slider bars. Desserts and appetizers should be served at the appropriate time. Guests should be informed about special drinks and wine on offer. Beer and soda should be made available with means for chilling them.

Don’t hesitate to take a little help from family and friends for your wedding. This will not only make your day memorable but also make it enjoyable for everyone involved.

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  1. Deborah A. Ten Brink

    I had a backyard wedding. I, too, believe that planning is very important. The theme, the mood you are trying to create, the personalities of the bride and groom… all are key to pulling it off and having a memorable event for all.

    Great tips here! The weather always plays a role as well. You have to be prepared for just about anything and have a contingency plan!