11 ways to personalise your wedding – make your big day a unique one with best ideas

It’s every bride’s dream to have a wedding that stands apart from the rest. Try to add personality-filled touches to the little detail and you will see a wedding that you can enjoy. Now lets see the 11 ways to personalise your wedding.

1. Don’t be afraid to put a twist on tradition

We have seen fresh flower bouquets but it would put a bling to the traditional things by going for a brooch bouquet. A fabric flower bridal brooch bouquet, that has rhinestone and pearl brooches, buttons, and vintage jewelry, can look classy and different.

Personalised wedding

2. Not a Ballroom wedding?

Choose a wedding location that is meaningful to you. Bring back those memories that everyone can cherish.  Like, get married at a castle where your mother got married. It’ll surely bring back a lot of happy memories for your mother and also other family members.

3. Showcase your heritage

Your guests will love this! For example, if you have a Spanish background and would like to show a bit of your heritage to your guests,  you could personalize your wedding by replacing stemware with Mexican blue glass, Spanish tiles can be used for escort cards and place cards.

4. A picture slideshow

Personalise your wedding by doing a slideshow of you and your groom. Also, it would start fun discussions and laughter if you would include pics of all your guests in the slideshow. Put pictures that actually capture a special moment or a journey you had with your guests. Your guest will love it, and will appreciate you remembering them on your big day.

5. Signature drinks

Don’t have just one- go for two signature drinks. Choose a drink that you like the most and the one that your groom likes.  Have separate tables serving them. It would be fun to see which one finishes soon.  His and Hers truly!

6. Traditional white wedding dress

You thought white wedding dress can never be eschewed – think again! A national research done in UK says that once a mainstay of tradition, the white dress is slowly replaced by a coloured dress. You could go for one of the pastel shades and would still look gorgeous. A personalised wedding dress with touches of your favourite colour will make it all worth it!

7. Shoot it with your Cam

Even though you have a professional videographer and a photographer to cover your big day, it is still a lot of fun if a mate of yours or a cousin can take wedding pics. Some very fun and emotional moments can be captured. The more raw they are, more fun it is to watch those pics later!

8. Personalised marquee signs

Personalized big marquee signs can light up your wedding or reception. Choose something that speaks about you, like the place you met your groom first. Wedding photos are unbelievably stunning with a little light up text in them!

9. Personalised wedding cake

Ask your cake maker to make your wedding cake with your grandma’s famous recipe. Make the cake unique by including something unique in the design which speaks so much about you, the person you love or miss on your special day.

10. Ceremony backdrop

If you are a creative bride, why not personalise your ceremony backdrop with creative pieces that you created yourself or find something that will give the area a unique feel. For example, a hand-crocheted ceremony backdrop, accented with greenery and hanging plants, will show off your artistic side.

11. Wedding Thank you gifts

One of the all time favourite gifts are the scented candles. You can also give away potted drought resistant plants to your guests or give them decorative photo frame, body soaps, personalised chocolates to giving your favourite coffee pods to your guests.


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  1. Jenny

    Thank you for those tips. Can you share any wedding plans as I have a huge family & friends and wondering if there is a way to handle & assign to my family members.