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Victoria (VIC) Wedding DJs

How vibrant your dance party will depend on the DJ, so it is essential to find the right DJ. With tons of Victoria (VIC) wedding DJs, it will be challenging to find the most suitable one. We work with selected wedding DJ in Victoria to simplify your DJ selection process. Each DJ package is unique. It comes with different prices and inclusions to suit different needs.

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We collaborate with Victoria wedding DJs to make your wedding memorable. They have years of experience in performing for weddings. We have several tips about wedding DJs that you might use for your reference.

What kind of music can a DJ play? 
 A DJ can play any kinds of wedding music genres, except the traditional. If you have any preferred genre, you may ask your DJ to make a playlist for you.

When do we need wedding music from A DJ?
 You will need it or the dance party, for sure. You can hire a DJ longer if you prefer to fill each session with DJ music.

  • Cocktail Hour

A light genre like jazz or oldies will suit the cocktail hour well. Your guests need a laid-back atmosphere to talk with strangers they may find in your celebration.

  • Dinner

You might not need a DJ the whole dinner but during the transition from dinner time to dancing time. Oldies or alternative rocks can be played to warm up your guests.

  • Dancing Party

From the first dance up to the crowd dance, you will surely need a DJ. You can play your favourite songs during the sacred dance. Then you can have upbeat music.

There are no rules on the right music for different sessions, though. It is your day, so you can choose the genre you like.

How do we choose the right wedding DJ in Victoria?

  •  Testimony is required. You can ask for some recommendations from your friends, family, or your wedding venues.
  • Ask the DJ if he does DJ for work or hobby. You need someone who commits to your wedding.
  • Find a DJ who has the experience of performing at your wedding venues. So, he knows the space and the venue equipment.

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