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Small Wedding Venues in Yarra Valley

If you are dreaming of an intimate wedding with the closest people at your event, small wedding venues in Yarra Valley will suit you well. Vineyards, rural serenity, and fresh air will contribute to the ambience of your wedding. There are options of Yarra Valley wedding venues that are ready to impress you and your guests.

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Yarra Valley, Victoria, is one of the tranquil regions for weddings. The ambience suits intimate weddings well. Therefore, there are countless small wedding venues in Yarra Valley. The choices can overwhelm you. To simplify your selection process, we have compiled selected Yarra Valley small wedding venues with different prices and style. Try to consider the following points when you are choosing your venue:

  • Budget

Small wedding venues in Yarra Valley are relatively inexpensive. You can save some from your venue budget and allocate it to other needs such as limousines, dresses, photographers, or anything on your priority.

  • Capacity

Check the capacity of the venue before you decide. Make sure the venue you select can accommodate the number of guests you invite. If the place is too large, space will be wasted, while if it is too small, then your guests will not be comfortable

  • Style

Whether it is a boho or barn wedding, you should find a venue that matches your wedding style. Inspect the location so you can get the idea of the ambience.

  • Meaning

As your invitees are the people you or your partner know well, they might know your love story. Choosing a place that has a history for you both with some personal decoration will engage the guests.

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