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Melbourne Wedding Videographers

Preserve the joy of your wedding in a video. Taken by professionals Melbourne wedding videographers, your movie will capture emotions, vibes, and the energy on your day. It takes experts to spot the beauty in each detail. Our wedding videographers in Melbourne will blow your mind with art.

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The choices of wedding videographers in Melbourne is countless. It will leave you overwhelmed. Therefore, we select some of them and list detailed inclusions to ease you in choosing Melbourne wedding videographers that match your taste. While you are searching for your videographers, there are points to consider

Is it a candid video or will they ask you to pose?
It will depend on your taste. A candid wedding video will look more natural, but some couples prefer to pose in videos.

Will I get the high-definition video?
Most photographers will give you high definition video. However, the length of the wedding video will vary.

How long should we wait to get the edited video?
We know you cannot wait to see your moments in the video. But, the editing stage will need about a week or two.

Will I have to wear a microphone?
Microphones are mostly worn by celebrant and groom.

Can I choose the music?
It can be a bit tricky. Most Melbourne wedding videographers would not recommend this because they prefer licensed songs. Maybe they will be able to accommodate you in terms of genre.

How can I secure my date?
You can pay some deposit to secure your date. Most of the videographers will request 50%.

How is the cancellation policy?
It is important to ask a cancellation policy in case you have any other videographers in mind.

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