Host a backyard movie night for kids Birthday – how to make sure that the children have a great time

Are the kids getting bored? Do they want something exciting? Let’s plan a kids’ movie night. Yes, a movie night organized at the backyard sounds so exciting. Of course, you need to plan a lot and work hard but the smile on the kids’ face will the greatest reward for you. Let’s see how you can host a backyard movie night for kids birthday party.

Backyard movie night – let’s plan a great show

There are a lot of things that you have to do to make your movie party a success. Let us start with a budget and to-do list so that you don’t miss out on anything. Kids birthday party

Decide the budget

kids’ birthday entertainment parties can be fun and exciting with the right ideas. Jot down your ideas and how much money you need for them.

Get the spot ready

Choose the most spacious part of the yard for the party. If you have a white wall that can act as the screen. Or else, create your own screen. Make sure there is enough space for the kids to play and move around. You can use deck chairs or arrange beanbags and blankets with plenty of pillows for a relaxed movie night out.

Arrange the equipment

The indoor projector may not work outdoors. So, get a projector that works in the backyard. Keep extra cables, lights, and torches handy.

Choose a theme

Depending on the age of the kids, you can choose themes like horror, fun, Hollywood or sci-fi. Ask the children to come dressed according to the theme. Choose a movie that all kids will enjoy.

Make the party fun

Involve the kids to plan the movie party. Make your own tickets according to the theme. They can design flyers and put up placards to mark the seats or food area. Entertain the kids with a quiz on the movie. They will love to play games based on the theme too.

Manage the hunger pangs

The right kind of food and drinks will make the backyard movie night more enjoyable. A homemade popcorn stand will be so exciting. Let the children season the popcorn with their favorite spices. You can also have a pizza corner. Sodas and lemonades are a must when you have kids around. Maybe you can offer them candies and chocolates to munch on.Birthday party Pizza

Take care of small things

Cut the grass and use mosquito repellents. Make sure there are no bugs in the lawn. Put enough trash cans so that the kids don’t litter the backyard. Have a gazebo ready in case the weather plays spoilsport. Plan the movie night in advance and send invitations early. Let the kids guess what you are up to and surprise them with a movie of their choice.   It’s also very easy to celebrate events this year when you know where to look for services like Wedding Venues, Kids Birthday cakes, Kids Entertainers, Wedding cakes, DJ music and entertainment and much more. To find kids birthday party cakes in the suburb where you live and other services like kids party entertainers, party venues, face painting and magicians contact us via this ‘Quote request’.


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