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Gold Coast Wedding DJs

Checkout several Gold Coast wedding DJs to light up your wedding with entertainment, live music, and much more. With the charms, wedding DJs in Gold Coast will persuade your guests to dance through their music whether it's hip hop, rock, jazz, 90s music, 2000 to latest songs and match your lively, high-energy weddings. A  wedding DJ will be an important element for your special occasion. 

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Our packages of Gold Coast wedding DJ come with different inclusions to suit different needs. Some of them include MC, while some do not. You can choose a wedding DJ in the Gold Coast that matches your style, and budget. Here are some insider tips from us related to wedding DJs.

How long should I hire a DJ?
 It depends on your needs. Most packages come with 5 hours of DJ, but some offer less and more. Do you need him only for dancing parties or for the whole celebration?

When do you need DJ music?
You will need him the most during the dance party, but if you prefer to have him from the cocktail hour, it is also possible.

  • Cocktail hour

A relaxing genre like jazz or oldies matches the ambience of a laid-back cocktail hour

  • Dinner

You might not need a DJ for the whole dinner, but you can have him after dinner, during the transition from dinner to the dance party. A warming up music like rock alternative or oldies will be perfect.

  • Dance Party

You will need wedding DJ from the first dance, dancing with parents to the crowd dance. Upbeat music will be suitable here.

What kind of wedding music does a DJ play?
Plays any genre. Non-traditional music is the exception. If you have a preferred genre, you may ask your DJ to make you a playlist for the wedding music.

How do we choose the right DJ for us?

  • Ask a recommendation from your friends, family, or the wedding staff at the wedding venues. You can also find some reviews about him on the internet
  • If you can find a DJ who has performed at your wedding venues before, it will be perfect, so that he knows the space and the equipment at the venue.
  • Ask the DJ if he/she does DJ for a hobby or a job because you need him to commit to your day.

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