Home to paradisiacal beaches, thick with culture, spoon-feed culinary, a place you called Bali. Bali is an island in Indonesia, widely known as the island of gods or you may once see it in famous ‘Eat,Pray, Love’ starring Julia Roberts. All the goods make (we guess) mostly everyone in the world want to visit Bali although once. If lucky, to get married here. 

True, the beauty of Bali makes some couples want to celebrate their wedding here. Who can resist to exchange vows with various options of views like ocean, beach or natural green in the world’s eight most instagrammable place? Or to spend romantic honeymoon hideaway? We know you are now tempted too. So, convince yourself already to pick Bali as your dream wedding destination. 

The Legian Seminyak, Perfect Place to Enhance Your Wedding Celebration

Among probably thousand option of wedding venue, let’s take a look at this one located in famous area in Bali, Seminyak. Namely The Legian, located on the known Seminyak beach shores. With modern architecture, swaying coconut palms and beautiful sunset, The Legian will be the perfect place to enhance your wedding celebration. The location is one thing, the luxury and privacy to bring intimacy is another thing The Legian offers. 

Promising the best, The Legian has so much to offer but to convince you, here are three things you will get when The Legian is your wedding venue : 

1.Pure Bali Spirit Experience

Bali is very thick with culture, you may see it around. There are a lot of ceremonies, festivals and rituals happening anytime you go to Bali. Indeed they are very appreciative about the ancestor, nature and its blessing. For example, in most of all ceremonies or festivals in Bali, you can easily find penjor. It is a sign made of bamboo, decorated with coconut leaves with some offering at the base. It is not merely a decoration but how Balinese show thankful expression for all that is good from nature. 

This one you can get into your wedding because why wouldn’t you have a bit of Balinese tradition in your wedding celebration? You can still have your nuptials run as modern as it can be, or make it contemporary by having a touch of Balinese culture in it. 

2.Beach of Your Own Wedding As Your Own

Do you ever imagine how it feels to have beach on your own? It feels special. To have it in your wedding day? It will be super special. This is another thing The legian offer to perfecting you day, your special day. Since The Legian located very close to Seminyak Beach, you can have your wedding in front of it. 

Green grass will be placed as a base for your aisle and guest’s seats. You will walk along white or colorful flower petals carpet. You may also have the first kiss with ocean, swaying coconut palms and murmured sea waves behind you. Such a dream wedding The Legian can make it come true. 

3.Best and Dedicated Hand to Help

Trust is not cheap, it can’t be done carelessly. But it’s nothing you have to worry about when you have The Legian events team. Anything can happen when you do good collaboration. You want to use The Legian popular wedding package? Cool. You have another thing in mind and want to custom the wedding as you want? Great! All you can have with the help of the best and dedicated hand of The Legian. 

Here are three best packages you may choose in The Legian : 

1.Beachfront Wedding

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A classic wedding package to have when you choose Bali as your wedding destination and venue. Famous for its beaches, it is totally right to have beachfront wedding. As we repeatedly said before, The Legian is located in Seminyak so you will enjoy Seminyak Beach to your heart’s content during the wedding celebration.  

Balinese gong will welcome your coming, two large flower arrangement will be on the entrance side of your walkway. You will walk in loose flower petals to your altar, live Balinese Rindik music will be played during the ceremony. Your guests will be filled by happy tears as you walk in your best wedding dress and frangipani bouquet by The Legian. It’s truly your dream wedding?

2.Water Wedding at The Beach House

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Still with the beautiful view of Indian Ocean, nearby the Seminyak Beach is the location for water wedding by The Legian. What makes it different is The Beach House by The Legian will be your venue. It is the perfect place The Legian offers to bring the ultimate privacy for stay or special events. It is a three bedroom villa in a walled tropical garden setting with unlimited access to Seminyak Beach. The 16 meter infinity pool is perfect for chill or your wedding venue. 

Not much different from the Beachfront Wedding package, the ultimate intimate experience also you can have in this package. But you get some extra such as legal and religious wedding ceremonies with Christian priest and marriage certificate, 2 Balinese flower girls and 2 night stay in The Beach House with club benefits for 6 people (max). 

These two package options is not enough for your dream wedding? No worry, you can still tailor and custom your wedding with the help of dedicated team of The Legian. To make the best as you want, to make the day as memorable as you wish. 

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