Clifftop Wedding at Karma Kandara

A wedding celebration should be one of the best moments in everyone’s life. This moment should be special because this event everyone wishes to only have once in a lifetime. That is why, pick all the best wedding preparation out of the best such as Best Clifftop Wedding Venue, catering, wedding dresses, wedding photography vendors, and many others. Bali is the latest desired wedding destination, either by Indonesian locals or foreigners. We really have no doubt about it since Bali is truly a dreamy, magical and picturesque destination. This place is rich in natural beauty, great food and culture, the island offers so much. To have your Clifftop Wedding celebration here will feel like another blessing.

Now, what’s the Best Clifftop Wedding Venue in Bali you should pick? Among probably thousands of options you can find, we recommend one of the best. It is in Karma Kandara Wedding. Here you can have the best dreamy and utopian Clifftop Wedding Venues Bali. What’s that? Let’s figure it out 

Clifftop Wedding Venues Bali Offer the Best Location

Bali is probably named as one of the best wedding destinations in the world, but where in Bali will you have the best wedding location? Uluwatu can be the answer. Uluwatu means the land’s end and rock, that’s why it is famous for its Clifftop Wedding Venue. So many great places in the Uluwatu area located on the cliff. It offers the view of the Indian Ocean and the mesmerizing beauty of sunsets. Imagine having Clifftop Wedding on your special day? To have a wedding celebration on the cliff will actually scale up the experience. 

Karma Kandara Clifftop Wedding Venue Bali is one of the best places that offer this experience at its best. It is located in the oceanside cliff and near the popular attractions in Uluwatu such as Garuda Wisnu Kencana and Pura Uluwatu. This will be the most utopian wedding venue you can have. Your wedding celebration not only will be romantic but also placed in the most paradisiacal. 


Having a wedding celebration in Karma Kandara will not only create happiness, but it also creates an experience. The stunning location, expert team will definitely make your wedding as you have ever dreamt of. So, to celebrate the moment of love, Karma Kandara has some Best Clifftop Wedding Venue packages to offer. They are all great options divided by the location of the venue. 

Beautiful Beach Wedding at Karma Kandara

Beach Wedding Karma Kandara
Beach Wedding Karma Kandara

What a waste to choose Bali as a wedding destination but not at the beach. Bali is famous for its beaches, then Karma Kandara will not miss this. The Beautiful Beach Wedding is perfect if you are beach lovers. The wedding will be all decorated with white curtains, flowers,and bamboo canopy. The reception is set for 30 guests seated. One night stay in Karma Kandara Private Pool Villa is included in this package. Sounds perfect? 

Cliff Wedding Poolside at Karma Kandara 

Clifftop & Poolside Dinner at Karma Kandara

Even though Poolside sounds common, but the Poolside at this resort has different words to say, Karma Kandara can handle it. The venue will be all yours for 2 hours so you and your guests will not be disturbed by other resort guests. Here, you may receive around 60 guests divided into standing and seated. Enjoy the one night stay in Private Pool Villa also for this package. 

Grand Residence Intimate at the Clifftop Wedding Venue Bali, Karma Kandara 

Clifftop Wedding Venue Bali at Karma Kandara


The best view you can enjoy in Uluwatu is always on the cliff. So why would you miss a Clifftop Wedding here in Karma Kandara? This Clifftop Wedding Venue package will hold your wedding in the poolside also add perfection to your wedding celebration. Imagine exchanging vows and kissing your loved one with a view? Such an unforgettable moment, right? Don’t forget to spend the best night also in Karma Kandara’s one-bedroom pool villa, it is also inclusive in the package..

Clifftop Wedding on Water

Clifftop Wedding Venue at Karma Kandara

We could say this is the best offer you should catch in Karma Kandara. Your aisle will be on the water (it is a clear acrylic stage), your background will be the Indian Ocean. You are the happiest bride and groom, ever. The day will be one you will not forget. Not only you, but your max 70 guests with a semi-standing setup will also cherish the day.

What’s More? 

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