5 Most Instagramable Places for Pre-Wed in Bali

Welcome to 5 Most Instagramable Places for Pre-Wed in Bali.

When you visit Bali, you’d expect you will capture lots of wonderful pictures during your holiday. Bali is indeed wonderful heaven with lots of instagramable spots scattered all over the island. Bali is a photographer’s dream come true because there are so many photogenic areas that present a great opportunity to create wonderful pictures.

This is also great news for couples who are about to get married and trying to find beautiful places for their pre-wed photoshoot location. Bali provides lots of amazing options for unique pre-wed pictures. There are lots of natural beauties, exotic cultural and religious sites, as well as beautiful parks available for this purpose. Choosing only five for this list is a difficult task because many beautiful spots are left out.

Just like everywhere else, you will usually have to pay a bit more to have a photoshoot session in almost all of the locations on this list. You can mostly book it on arrival though sometimes they are open for bookings. Anyway, here are five of the most instagramable spots for a pre-wed photoshoot in Bali.


Atuh & Diamond Beaches

Both beaches are located next to each other but completely isolated too. Since both of them are located at the foot of magnificent cliffs, the only entrances are through hundreds of newly-carved cliffside stairs. Both beaches have a very thin sand area which can be completely submerged during very high tide. But when the beach is exposed, you can enjoy a soft white sand stretch pinned between turquoise water and tall cliffs.

These beaches are great for pre-wed for several reasons. First, there are not many people who are willing to reach the beaches. It means that you can have an easier time to find the best spots for yourself. The second reason is that there are lots of places that you can choose in this area. Not only the beaches, the stairs, and even the clifftop is really photogenic.

Also, there is a unique treehouse nearby; The Molenteng Treehouse. Perching on the edge of the cliff, this treehouse is overlooking the Diamond beach. During the sunset, this spot provides a stunning backdrop for a picture, pre-wed or not.


Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Ubud area in Bali is known for its lush green forest and panoramic rice terraces in Tegalalang. In fact, Tegalalang is one of the must-visit spots for anyone who visits Bali, especially for the first time. Look at how the rice fields are expertly carved on hillsides, with a genuinely smart irrigation system too. Today, you can enjoy much more than just rice terraces in Tegalalang.

There are sky swings made specifically for Instagram purposes. You can fly on a swing between two coconut trees with the rice terraces as the background. The result is mesmerizing. There are also platforms made for similar purposes. As for the best pictures for pre-wed, you will need to walk through the rice terraces embankment, practically making yourself as part of the scenery.

The result is extraordinary, whether you are being photographed close-up or from far away. By exploring the rice fields yourself, you will also get more angles and wonderful backgrounds. If you want to feel more authentic, you can prepare or rent props.


Tirta Gangga Park

Literally means the Sacred Water of Ganges, this park was built as a royal Karangasem Water Palace by King Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem Agung. You might infer from the name that the initial use of this park was partly built for a religious reason. Indeed, the spring from which this park gets its water supply is still considered sacred until now.

The first thing that comes to view upon entering the site is a pond where many guardian statues are neatly arranged in rows. There are also rows of polygonal stepping stones that you can use to explore the pond. This is also the most photogenic part of the park, especially when you manage to attract the fishes there.

The centerpiece of this park, however, is the eleven-tiered fountain overlooking the surrounding ponds. There are lots of locations you can choose here, make sure to get the best of each spot within this park. You can reach out to the park’s management for a photo session so you will get the priority needed when you get there.


Pura Luhur Lempuyang

Located in the eastern part of Bali, Lempuyang (or Lempuyangan) Temple is one of the most important temples in all of Bali. For local Balinese, visiting the Lempuyang Temple means getting closer to their God. Since the temple holds a very significant religious importance, you will need to adhere to some rules, including wearing sash and sarong. Physically, prepare yourself to climb hundreds or even thousands of stairs.

The main venue for a photo in this temple is located in its gate (Gapura Bentar) which has a wonderful background of Mount Agung. You can make the mountain looks bigger or smaller by manipulating the angle. The very common trick used here is by photographing you at the gate with a tray of water in front of the camera. That will create an illusion as if you are at the edge of a very still pond.

The next photogenic spot is at the base of the stairways. There are three stairways, each guarded by two dragons. This majestic spot will give you a feeling like you are ascending to a higher place, a great analogy to life in a full commitment under marriage.


Tamblingan Lake

Located in the central part of Bali, Tamblingan Lake is the twin of Buyan which is located nearby. Lake Tamblingan is special because, at its shore, there is an old and seemingly ‘abandoned’ temple. Oftentimes, visitors would enjoy the hazy lake from this mythical temple which, by the way, is well maintained by locals. During the rainy season, the base of the temple will be submerged, becoming one with the lake.

There are lots of spots and angles that you can take for pre-wed photoshoots here. Come early because the lake and the temple are at its most beauty during sunrise. The golden rays from the east will gracefully illuminate the bride and groom to be. The overall vibe you get is a strong spirit to rise above any challenges.

You can even rent wooden or bamboo boats to have your photo taken in the middle of the lake. The golden haze, the bluish hills, and the mythical aura of the ancient temple will create a nuance that you will never get anywhere else. This is the best place to have a pre-wed photoshoot for early risers.

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