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Affordable Wedding Venues in Dandenong Ranges

Having a super-expensive wedding is optional. You can have an inexpensive yet impressive one. Exchanging vows amid the mountain ranges and the cool air of Dandenong Ranges will leave a peaceful feeling, even without splurging on your wedding. There are choices of affordable wedding venues in Dandenong Ranges ready to be a part of your love history. Comfortable indoor buildings or luscious garden, Dandenong Ranges affordable wedding venues will leave you breathless.

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Whether you want to splurge on your wedding or not, it depends on the priority. Dandenong Ranges has a natural charm that impresses everyone even without a lot of decoration. There are options of Dandenong Ranges affordable wedding venues with different inclusions. Other than choosing inexpensive venues, there are some tricks to save money on wedding 

  • Book your venue for a winter wedding

The affordable wedding venues in Blue Mountains might lower the rate during winter. It is the season with least wedding demand, so that it gives you a bit of flexibility in negotiating the rate. Most couple book their venues for autumn and spring, so the price will be more expensive in those two seasons.

  • Avoid weekend

Getting married on the weekend will give you an extra day to meet up with your friends again or to recover after the party on the previous night. Therefore, there are more wedding demands for the weekend compared to weekdays. 

  • Find wedding packages

Bundled price are mostly less expensive than the sum of each inclusion rates. It will save you money and time to contact and negotiate with your supplier one by one. Wedding packages have various inclusions to suit different need.

  • Minimize the guest list

Minimizing the guest list might be challenging as you want to share joy with the people around you. But if you want to keep your budget low, you might need to review your invitation list and see if you can shorten the list.

The longer your invitation list, the more you spend for the venue meals. Review the guest names list and see if you are still able to minimize the number of invitees to keep your budget low. It can be challenging, though. It is not easy to cross any names on the list.

  • Pick a wedding venue close to your home

You will spend more for your and your family if you prefer to have a destination wedding. There will be extra cost on transportations and accommodation. To simplify it, why do not you choose a wedding venue that is close to your house.

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